Here are the Sacred Mountain Alpaca Boys!

Our proud boys have been waiting to show off their handsome faces.  Here are the links to the latest Sacred Mountain Alpaca Boys!



Updated Alpacas at Sacred Mountain Alpacas

While busy at the farm we have neglected updating our site with our beautiful girls and boys.  We are so proud to announce the arrival of many new faces at Sacred Mountain Alpacas!  Here are the links to our new girls!


Sacred Mountain Alpacas Ayita now updated!

She’s growing up fast!  Come see Butterscotch’s Ayita and her updated photos here at Sacred Mountain Alpacas.

Butterscotch's Ayita

Sacred Mountain Alpacas Butterscotch now online!

Butterscotch (aka: Butters) photos and information about her offspring is now available on Butter’s Page here!

Latte's Butterscotch









She has two incredible girls, Caramel and Ayita, from “Arizona Alpacas and Flying V Alpacas” Francis’ Greystoke.

Butters is now carrying (from Sacred Mountain’s Belvedere) and due in the fall of 2011.

With an impressive line including Cloud Dancer’s Macho Colorado, PPeruvian Camilio, Peruvian King Soloman, NWA LTD Jeremiah among many other impressive Alpacas, we are proud and excited of Latte’s Butterscotch and her future.

Sacred Mountain Alpacas Latte

Sacred Mountain Alpacas updated with our main girl, Latte’s Alpaca Page.

Sacred Mountain Alpacas Latte








Click on Latte’s photo and go directly to her page.  Her parents pictures and information are there along with pictures and information of her babies.

Keep checking back as we will continue to profile all of Gracie’s girls and boys here.

Sacred Mountain’s Alpacas now updated!

We have now updated our site with all of our Alpacas as of January 2011.  Check back as some of our girls have new Crias on the way this year!

Sacred Mountain Alpacas Ayita

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Sacred Mountain Alpacas Blog!

My name is Gracie and I am a Great Pyrenees.  I live in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  Most of the time I am watching over my Alpaca friends at Sacred Mountain Alpacas.  I will be putting up photos from time to time but seeing that I can’t use a camera very good with my furry paws, I will leave most of the blogging and picture updates up to my owner and friends.  See ya’ll soon!  Gracie.